Sincerity by Leto
Part 1 - Mewtwo's view

I am the coveted one. Whoever comes into this dark place comes to seek me. A fine prize for any Pokemon trainer. How strange it feels... I am not even natural, I don't even have a real name, yet people come from miles to see me, to try to capture me as the greatest Pokemon to have. Nobody seems to realise I might not want to be captured. Nobody seems to care.

I was born in a lab, genetically created... they - the scientists - used the term 'born' but I have no mother. I have no father. My original, Mew, has not been seen for years. I have no idea what happened to it. Maybe it's dead. Maybe I really am alone.

They were not unkind to me but at the same time, regarded me as nothing more than an experiment. They watched me, they wrote in their notebooks with interest, their scientific curiousity. But nobody seemed to care that, natural Pokemon or not, I still have thoughts and feelings.

"Wild... wild... vicious tendencies..." I remember one researcher muttering that as he scribbled in his notebook. What do they expect? Of course I act wild. I am from a wild Pokemon. I am wild. That is why I escaped. I suppose they never considered that I would try. They never thought I had thoughts that deserved consideration. A lab experiment, after all, does not think or feel, it is simply there to be studied. But even if I was a lab experiment, I was wild.

So I ran.

I think I did okay. I have freedom now. I found a rather ominous looking cave, which was regarded by humans as a dangerous place of pitfalls and many mysterious disappearances. It was full of strong Pokemon, and I made my home in the furthest possible place from the cave entrance. I thought that I would be safe from humans and their cold feelings.

However, the occasional human would come into the cave to seek out the strong Pokemon which lived inside. And it only took one of those humans to catch a glimpse of me... the rare and elusive Mewtwo... then peace was gone. Still, I have evaded capture and I am free.

But do I really have freedom? It doesn't seem like it. Freedom doesn't mean having to constantly be on your toes, does it? To be ever alert in case another human is sneaking up on you? Sleep is a thing of the past. I don't take humans and their well trained Pokemon lightly. Some play fair and try to weaken me with a Pokemon battle. Others, like those characters who always wear red 'R's on their clothes, often try sneak attacks. Those types are always dangerous. None of them have succeeded, of course.

I have had many close calls. But, through day to day fighting for my life, I have stayed free.

You know, I guess I wouldn't mind having a trainer, if they were kind. But, they would have to understand me, and to treat me with proper emotion. I've seen many trainers who treat their Pokemon as simply objects with which to acheive their own goals. I've seen other trainers who even mistreat their Pokemon. It's hard to know which trainers would be good to have. Appearances can be deceiving, and I'd want someone for real, a good Pokemon trainer.

A friend, is what I'm getting at, I suppose. I'd like a friend. I don't really have any here. I get along with the other Pokemon here alright - they have some sort of respect for me and my strength - but it's not really anything.

Do you know why it is? It is a hard thing to not be understood. No human has ever understood me. No Pokemon has ever understood me. They have never come across any other Mewtwo before. Of course they haven't, there are no others. It's not just my language that they don't understand, it's me, it's my way of thinking... just me. But the problem with being unique is that you're also terribly lonely...

If I ever have a trainer, it'd have to be someone who understood me. Or who could learn to understand me. A person who can't even understand or appreciate that I don't want to be constantly chased or treated as a desirable prize is not someone I would care to go with.

But there is little time for such thoughts now. I think I hear footsteps, very soft but human nonetheless. They often sneak up, in the night like this. Footsteps always mean trouble so I will probably have to fight again.

Ducking behind a rock, I prick up my ears and listen, carefully. Ha. My listening doesn't even require care. Those people, despite a quiet tread, are not taking many pains to stay quiet.

"You idiot, you keep treading on my foot!"

"Well, it's dark in here! I can't see a thing! I hate the dark, can't we put on the torch?"

"Don't you dare turn that thing on, you'll make it obvious that we're here!"

"But Jessie, I'm scared! This place is full of dangerous Pokemon and I wanna go home!"

"Shut up. We can't go home now. We're nearly there."

"Will you two numbskulls be quiet? We don't want to wake up Mewtwo before we get da chance to grab it!"

I roll my eyes. How could I possibly sleep through this, anyway? I can see them now, with my good night vision, faint white clothes against the dark. Two of them, that I can see, with a Pokemon. And, the familiar red 'R' symbol. Yes, I've encountered this type before. They can be dangerous.

"Oww!" The female howls in protest as the male steps on her foot again, and she trips over, tumbling down an incline landing in a painful looking heap at the bottom. The male runs to see if she's alright, seeming to completely forget that there's an incline there (is he for real? he just saw her fall down it!) and going crashing down himself.

I thought those people with 'R's on their uniforms were a threat. Perhaps there is a first time for everything...

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